Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class Awards Page

I am proud to display some of the awards, recognition, and links received for my classroom website!  The awards and listings are listed in the order they were received.   I hope students, parents, and fellow teachers find my website helpful and educational.

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Award received Nov. 7, 2001   Cool School Award Site of the Week

Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class

"WOW! This is a fantastic site for teachers, students and parents. Check out the awesome web sites organized into units of study: Biographies, math, JASON Project, oceanography, electricity, geography & social studies, language arts, science sites, etc. This site showcases the events at the school through the Photo Gallery and communicates effectively to parents through the Announcements section. Congratulations Mrs. Renz on producing a very comprehensive and informative site."



Award received Nov. 9, 2001

Web Site Excellence Award "Your site has been chosen as a recipient.  This means that you web site has been found to be among the best on the web.  The selection criteria we used were:

1. The major focus for the site is education.

2. The audience is either teachers or students, at any age level.

3. The site is content oriented.

4. It is a non-commercial site.

5. It is visually appealing and interactive.

6. It is "Kid-Safe".

7. It exhibits that “something extra”."


The Blue Ribbon Website Award

Award received Nov. 10, 2001

"The Blue Ribbon Website Award," established November 15, 1997, was created to honor and acknowledge the learning process, long hours, and sacrifices experienced in reaching the plateau of successfully establishing an internet website.  Each website will be judged by the following:  Originality, Subject Matter, Downloading Time, Ease Of Viewing, Color Coordination, Interaction, Education, Etc."

Award received Nov. 10, 2001  

Educational Award of Excellence  "Dear Heather, we thank you for inviting us to visit your home on the Internet. We applaud your site's ease of navigation, and valuable content. This award is for teachers and/or classroom sites, representing class activities, student involvement and/or parent participation and is given to sites which represent the highest level of creativity and concept and that honour the webmaster's code of ethics. It is with great pleasure that we give you the Education Award."    Click on "Award Winners" then on the "W" page - scroll down to find "Welcome to Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class"

Listing added Nov. 10, 2001

Our site is listed on the Teacher + Site.  Scroll down to "School Web Pages" then click on "Elementary."  My site is listed as Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class - about half way down.


Listing added Nov. 12, 2001

We are listed on the "At School" site.  Click "Browse through sites by first letter."  My site is listed under the "M" page - Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class.


Award received Nov. 13, 2001

"Dear Family-Friendly Sites Member, Thanks for joining our family and helping us promote online safety."


Award received Nov. 20, 2001

"The Excellence Award considers sites for interest, content and quality.  We recognise that many hours and days of hard work go into creating a site often out of a love of a subject or area. CONGRATULATIONS! - Your site has been considered by our review panel and has been awarded an "Excellence" award.  Well done on your web site, we hope you choose to display the award with pride."

Award received Nov. 22, 2001

"Congratulations!  Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2001-2002 Golden Web Award.  You and your staff at Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class have obviously worked very hard."  (Note from Mrs. Renz - my "staff" consists of one member - myself! J

Listing added Nov. 25, 2001

"Your site is fantastic.  You have a wonderful site!!!"



Award received Nov. 25, 2001 

Award received and Featured Website of the Month for December, 2001

"Every month we feature a link that has been given the Planetpals Safe or Clean Planet Award. This month's feature is: Mrs. Heather Renz's 4th Grade Class Page, Vern Patrick Elementary School, Redmond, Oregon.  This sight is a fine piece of work. It features student work, especially Internet projects, classroom information, links to other schools, class photos, parent notices and lots more. Keep up the good work Mrs. Renz's Class!"



Award received Nov. 26, 2001

"Congratulations you won the Awesome Kids Site Award. This award is given to outstanding kids sites and recognizes the hard work that was put into the development of your web site.  Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, fun and attractive place to visit. My compliments on a job well done!"


The Busy Educator Award

Award received Dec. 15, 2001

"Hello Heather, Congratulations on your wonderful site.  You did a great job on this site. Well done!  I am pleased to award your site the Busy Educator's Award. Your site will also be included in an  upcoming issue of my Busy Educator's Newsletter and considered for inclusion in the next edition of my book "The Busy Educator's Guide To The World Wide Web".  Your site was chosen among  thousands of web sites reviewed for The Busy Educator Award."


Award received Dec. 15, 2001

Dear Heather Renz, CONGRATULATIONS! You have been selected to receive the Teacher's Corner Award of Excellence

Teacher Education Award

Award received Dec. 22, 2001

Teacher Education Commitment to Education Excellence Award.  "We have visited your website and wish to congratulate you on providing both an informative and education-valued site for all visitors. As a result of all your hard work we gladly present you our website award and congratulate you on providing such a useful educational resource.  CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for sharing your website."



Award received Dec. 31, 2001

"Heather, congratulations!  'Welcome to Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class'  has qualified to display the Geography World Gold Award.  WOW!  As a fellow teacher, I must say that this is a fabulous site.  I have just spent more than an hour reviewing and admiring your work.  As a Webmaster myself, I can appreciate the amount of work and time that went into creating this fantastic resource.  Your students and their parents should applaud your efforts.  In case they do not, I DO!!!  Amazing job!  I have book marked your site and may use it as a model to improve my own class site.  I have also "borrowed" some of your geography links to add to Geography World."


Award Received Jan. 21, 2002

"This is to inform you Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class Web Site has been selected as a "Best Bet on the USA TODAY Education Web site from January 22-28.  Each week the USA TODAY Education online staff selects three "Best Bet" sites they feel would be of educational value to our audience of subscribers and guests. These sites are listed on the USA TODAY Education home page with a brief description and a link to the site.  Fewer than 150 sites are selected each year as USA TODAY Education "Best Bet" Web sites."


Wise Owl Logo

Award received Jan. 25, 2002

"Congratulations! Your Web page "Welcome to Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class" has been nominated as a "Wise Owl Site of the Month" for December, in recognition of exemplary design and educational excellence."


Award received Jan. 28, 2002

"Hi Heather, We are pleased to feature your accomplishments at Vern Patrick Elementary School on our web site for the week of January 28 - February 1 and present you with Vital Knowledge's Vital Educator Award.  Congratulations on the fine work you are doing for your school.  Congratulations on being presented with this award, Heather. We are always looking to celebrate the accomplishments of teachers."


Award received February 11, 2002

"Congratulations! Your Web Site "Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class" has been selected to receive the "Songs 4 Teachers A+ Site Award". We feel that your Web Site meets our criteria as: Primarily a non-commercial site, Content-oriented, not simply a Web Site with links to other sites, Informative, providing educational content of value to other educators, "Kid Safe."  Songs 4 Teachers selects 5 Web Sites per month to receive our award."


Award received Feb. 18, 2002

"Hi Heather, The site you submitted for the EduNET Choice Award has been reviewed by our editors. Congratulations, we are pleased to offer you the EduNET Choice Award which is bestowed upon sites that "provide and maintain valuable educational content". You will be linked under the category "previous winners and other useful links" and "schools" directory. In addition, you may list yourself in our "Classrooms Around the World" directory."


Listed on Feb. 20, 2002

EduNET Choice Classrooms Around the World

Scroll down to "Oregon" to find our 4th grade classroom as the second classroom listed from Oregon.  


Listing added April 29, 2002

"I LOVE your classroom page! I've added it to my Cool Classrooms Page!"    The Teacher Tap is part of the Eduscapes Site for Lifelong Learners website.



May 11, 2002   

We were invited by the International Association of Web Masters and Designers to become a "Diamond Web Award" winner.  

Listing date prior to May, 2002

Our site is featured on the Teacher Information Network Site.  Click on "Teacher Sites" (reviewed)   "Here is a good example of a teacher who is making the web work for her classroom.  Check it out.  It could inspire you to do something similar."

Award received May 21,2002

"Congratulations! You have won the Outstanding Website Award from Online Web Creations.  You have a great site. You offer a lot of fun, interactive tools and resources on your website."    Under "Award" click Award Winners (May).

Award received May 23, 2002

"Dear Heather, Congratulations!  Your site has won the Mona Lisa Select Site Award!  You can see the June Winners online."

Award received June 26, 2002

"You have an outstanding site and I am pleased to present you with my award."  Country Lane Graphics Award

Award received August 15, 2002

Your site has been selected to receive a PlanetCartoonist Ink Link Award!  We don't give this award out to just every web site - - so wear your award with pride."

Award received August 17, 2002   Our Kids Castle Award 

"I really enjoyed my time very much at your great and cute site :-) it's one of the best I've had the pleasure to visit, you place a lot of work and time into your home. Thank you, for sharing with me, you have made a wonderful work for your students, they must be very proud :-)"

Award received August 24, 2002

"Congratulations!  Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2002-2003 Golden Web Award.  You and Your Staff at Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class have obviously worked very hard."


Award received August 25, 2002

"I visited today and have established a link from Web English Teacher.  I would like to present your site with an award. Congratulations!"

Award received August 26, 2002

"Hello Heather, Congratulations!! You have won the WDS Bronze Choice Award For Web Excellence from the Web Design Studio. This award is given to outstanding WebPages. You have done a wonderful job on your site keep up the good work.   Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, fun and attractive place to visit. My compliments on a job well done!" 


Award received September 2, 2002    A+ Educational Site Award

"We would like to congratulate you on winning one of our awards!  We are very please to extend this award to you.  We found your site a wealth of information and fun too!  You originally applied for the award #1, but your site exceeds the criteria set forth for that award, so we hope you don't mind that we are upgrading it.   We would also Love for you to add your site to our directory.  We hope that you will consider adding to our family website.  We will be watching for your submission!  We are looking for quality sites, such as yours,  to enhance our directory for all the people that visit.  Also we would like to invite you to join our brand new webring!  Congratulations again!" 


Award received September 10, 2002

We received the Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award!  "Unlike other awards, this one is a well known and much sought after symbol on the Internet as it is nationally and internationally recognized.  It shows creativity and trust for your site as people connect it to represent many things: care, fun, business organization, safety and/or educational excellence in helpful content, safe products for their family and/or dependable health related information. Thanks in advance for making a difference in today's society for a better future for children. "


Directory link added September 12, 2002

We are listed in the "Education" category as a "Classroom Site" on the 123Kidz Web Site 


Feature began October 7, 2002

My classroom site was featured as "This Week's Web Wizard" on the Education World Web Site.

November 15, 2002

I am honored!  Beginning Nov. 15, our Antarctica Scottish Storyline technology project will be the featured Intel Innovation Odyssey!  - My feature is listed as "Day 199"



Intel Advertisement Featuring Our Class Project

District Administration April 2003

Instructor December 2003

NEA Today May 2003

and several other publications...


January 26, 2003

Spike 2000.com Award for being a Cool Website for Kids 

Recently, I was browsing on the internet and I came across your web site "Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class."  I have posted a link to the web site on the Schools page in the "Cool School" section and on the United States page at in the "Cool World" section. In addition your web site is announced on the "New Web Sites" page at  in the "What's New?" section. Also, your web site is awarded the Spike2000.com Award for being a "Cool web site for kids".    Sincerely, Stephen Selby


Award received January 31, 2003

Congratulations! Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2003-2004 Golden Web Award.  As a recipient of the prestigious Golden Web Award, we invite you to join your fellow webmasters and designers in over "145" countries worldwide, by becoming a respected Professional Member of the International Association of Web Masters & Designers.

Thanks, Wal-Mart for the honor!

May 6, 2003

Mrs. Renz was selected Redmond, Oregon Wal-Mart's 2003 Teacher of the Year.

For Excellence
in Education

Award Received July 16, 2003

Dear Heather, Congratulations for receiving The Learning Abilities Books Award. I enjoyed your creative and interesting site.  

Good luck,  

Betsy B. Lee, Ed. S.

School psychologist & children's book author


Award received July 16, 2003

Dear Mrs. Renz,  I want to start off by thanking you for visiting my classroom website, and for applying for my A+Site Award.  After careful review of your website, it is with great pleasure and honor that I award it to you.  Your classroom website is terrific, very informative, and educational. I especially love your filing cabinet section! I book marked it for future visits!  Your website definitely qualifies for my "A+Site" Award and recognition.  It would be an honor if you would display my award on your amazing website. I love your layout and design, cute graphics, and you have provided your visitors with content that is informative, entertaining, presented well, and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web.  Thanks for helping make the World Wide Web a more interesting, fun and attractive place to visit. I really enjoyed my visit to your site and will return again soon! :)  Sincerely, Mrs. Quintero


Award received July 17, 2003

Congratulations, Your "Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class" site has been chosen to receive an AG&H Education Site Award.  Regards, AG&H

Letter received July 11, 2003

My dad is a my #1 supporter.  He wrote to The First Lady, Mrs. Laura Bush and she sent this personal letter to me at school.   He had written her as the nation's leading lady "Encourager of Education" to make her aware of our Redmond, Oregon classroom website to show her what 4th graders are doing.


August 7, 2003

Your site has been added to the Classroom Web Pages area of our TeacherNet.com site. 


Award Received September 6, 2003

Dear Heather, I viewed much of your web-site. I am pleased to award you and your students our award for your site design and easy navigation and all the hard work you and your students have achieved on your great web-site! Congratulations on behalf of Teaching Treasures. Kind Regards, Ingrid Griggs, Administrator


News Article Printed October 8, 2003

Redmond Spokesman Newspaper Article about Mrs. Renz being an "Internet Pioneer"

Join the JASON Project at www.jason.org


Mrs. Renz's JASON XV Expedition Journals and Photos from the Rainforests of Panama

The JASON Project is awesome!


Mrs. Renz was a JASON XV Teacher Argonaut "Rainforests at the Crossroads"


Nov. 10, 2003

Statesman Journal - Article About Panama Expedition



News Article Published on the Web Nov. 4, 2003

Bend.com Newspaper Article about Mrs. Renz being chosen as a JASON XV Project Teacher Argonaut

Bend Bugle Article November 7-11

News Article Published in the Bend Bugle about Mrs. Renz's being selected to travel to Panama with the JASON Expedition


Newspaper Article Published Nov. 6, 2003

Bend Bulletin Introductory Article about Mrs. Renz Traveling to Panama with the JASON Expedition

Newspaper Article Published Nov. 9, 2003

Bend Bulletin Sunday Edition Article about Mrs. Renz, JASON XV Teacher Argonaut


TV Show Aired Dec. 30, 2003

Mrs. Renz appeared as a guest on the Good Morning Central Oregon TV Show to talk about her JASON XV Project expedition to the Rainforests of Panama


News Article Published on the Web February 3, 2004

Bend.com Newspaper Article about Mrs. Renz working in Panama with the JASON XV Project as a Teacher Argonaut

Bend Bugle  February 5-11, 2004

News Article Published in the Bend Bugle about Mrs. Renz's Panama Trip with the JASON Expedition

January 2004

OMSI Annual Report Magazine talks bout the JASON Project Expedition and sponsoring Mrs. Renz as a Teacher Argonaut to the Panama Expedition


News Article Printed January 21, 2004

Redmond Spokesman Newspaper Article about Mrs. Renz going to Panama with the JASON Project called "Welcome to the Jungle"


News Release January 26, 2004

OMSI News Release - "Local Teacher Leads International Science Expedition to Panama's Rainforests and Canal"


Newspaper Photo Printed February 4, 2004

Redmond Spokesman Newspaper Photo and Caption about Mrs. Renz being in Panama with the JASON Project " Students Watch Teacher Explore Jungle"


February 19-26 Edition

The Source Weekly Article: "Explorers in the Classroom"


March 21, 2004

"My Hero" Internet Website Features JASON XV Teacher Argonauts

Dr. Bob Ballard and the 24 student argonauts on our expedition are also listed on the "My Hero" web site  Heroes Website Screenshot


July 2004

Book Published May, 2004.

This book features my classroom web site in Chapter 12:  Developing a Home Page for Your Classroom on 409-411 of the book, "Teaching with the Internet K-12: New Literacies for New Times"  Fourth Edition 

by Donald J. Leu, Deborah Diadiun Leu, and Julie Coiro



Award Received July 27, 2004

Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2003-2004 Golden Web Award.



Summer 2004

Lewis & Clark Chronicle Article: "A Rainforest Journey"  written by Ellisa Valo about Mrs. Renz's JASON Project "Rainforests at the Crossroads" trip to Panama.  

Read the article on the Lewis & Clark Web Site  L & C Article

Summer 2004 Award

LITEhouse Award for Public Schools

Lighthouses are beacons that guide sailors to safe ports. Thousands of educators, librarians, and other information professionals spend endless hours developing quality web resources to guide their students, patrons, and clients. The LITEhouse Award is given to websites that exhibit Library, Information, and Technology Excellence.  Graduate students at IUPUI (Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis) have nominated exemplary websites and selected the award winners.



Award Received October 28, 2004

We would like to congratulate you on winning our Classroom website Award!!  You are our very 1st winner!!  We visited your site and found it very easily navigated, well maintained, and graphically correct.  :-)  We enjoyed our visit and wish to thank you for taking the time to apply for one of our awards.   



Award Received November 14, 2004

Dear Heather,  of course your website is deserving of my award!  Congratulations on a wonderful site for children, and especially for your Mastery Club (which I use on my own website!!)  Your dedication should be commended, as well as your creativity!  Keep up the good work.  Sincerely, Jennifer Kunz

Award Received November 14, 2004

Congratulations Mrs. Renz, You have been awarded the Teacher Website Excellence Award for your website: Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class Your website was judged to be outstanding in design and an excellent resource for your students and their parents. Your website contained excellent resources for content and learning aids.  Once again, congratulations on your achievements.


February 6, 2005

Woohoo!!!!!!  Congratulations! You have won a BobStaake.com Way Cool Site Award!  We don't give this award out to just ANY site, so wear it with pride.


February 7, 2005

Congratulations!  Your Web site has been selected to win a Web Works Site Award.  I have chosen your site, to be a worthy of our " Designs Award ".  It is to signify that your site has been judged to contain quality content, design and/or HTML expertise. By my discretion, I pick only the sites I find to fit the minimum requirements and in some way or another soar beyond them.
 I give the award to sites that in MY opinion are high quality. Again, congratulations!

February 27, 2005
Congratulations -- your site has been awarded the March 2005 Technospud Teacher Site Of The Month!  Your site will be highlighted in the March 2005 newsletter.  Again, congratulations -- it is a great site.

February 2005

Cox Communications featured an article on the web called "Take Charge" about communicating with your kids.   In the "What the Experts are Saying" section of their website, go to "Communicate Constantly" for the quote they used from me. 


April 2005

Tech Learning Magazine featured my site as the April site of the Month. 


Worldwide Forum

June 2005 Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum Award Recipient 

Twelve teachers from the United States have been selected to participate in the Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum July 18-19, in Redmond , Washington . In addition to being honored for their achievements, they will have the opportunity to work with their peers from other countries to address key questions on the use of technology in teaching and learning, and to share best practices with one another. They will also work together on an international learning project after the forum. Congratulations to:

  * Heather Renz - Vern Patrick Elementary, Redmond, OR

  * Eric Langhorst - South Valley Junior High, Liberty, MO
   * Michelle Ravnikar - Lake Havasu High School, Lake Havasu City, AZ
   * Kyle Burgess - Moon Area Middle School, Moon Township , PA
   * Rob Edwards - Stevens Middle School, Port Angeles, WA
   * Sharon Mullen - Thunder Road Community School, Oakland, CA
   * Chris Watson - Foothill Farms Junior High, Sacramento, CA
   * Cathryn Albrecht - Rockwall High School, Rockwall, TX
   * Fred Arnold - Hellgate Elementary, Missoula, MT
   * Jennifer Groff - Radnor Middle School, Wayne, PA
   * Gary Hull - Spotswood High School, Spotswood, NJ
   * Sandra Meche -Anderson Elementary, Orange, TX

Microsoft Worldwide Forum Summary

Read More About Our Project On the Generation-Fit Web Page

July 2005  Generation Fit Website

Generation Fit features or dance mat project

July 2005  Get Up Move Website

Features our dance mat study

October 2005

Home Room Teacher.com links to our website


December 1, 2005

Our dance mat/fitness program is mentioned in Tech Learning article written by Judy Shasek, "How to Spark Innovation" on the Tech Learning.

December, 2005

Our site was the first classroom featured website of the month on the Wizard Workshops website.

January 2006

2006 State Farm Good Neighbor Service-Learning Award Winner

Our grant project was chosen one of 100 grants from the United States.


Janaury 26, 2006

What an incredible page. We are so delighted to have found you and your talented students. We are adding links now to many of your pages. We are delighted to award you the Maxie's A+ Award. Thanks again for all your work!

All the best, Lin, Don, and Maxie


May 2006

2006 Disney Teacher Award Honoree


June 2006

Click to read letters from U.S. Senator Gordon Smith and U.S. Representative Greg Walden

June 17, 2006

That Math Site would like to recognize those webmasters whose content contributes to education. As a result, your website has just been selected for That Math Site's A+ Education Website Award.  Thanks so much for contributing to education!  Sincerely, Ms. Hatley

July 18, 2006

Oregon Dairy Council $5,000 Grant Awarded

Press Release

August 1, 2006

Bend Weekly News Article About the Disney Teacher Award

Article Screen Shot

My Disney Teacher Awards Celebration Page




August 2006

Bend Living August/September 2006 Magazine Article

November 18, 2006

Congratulations Heather!
Mrs. Renz's Fourth Grade Class is a recipient of
The Teacher's Corner Honor Roll Award for School and Classroom web sites.  Your web site is informative and contains great resources for students and parents.  Once again, Congratulations!

February 5, 2007

Education World Featured Teacher Article

October 3, 2007

Lite 95.1 Radio Station awarded Mrs. Renz "Teacher of the Week."  Mrs. Renz was nominated by the parent of a student from last year. 

May 25, 2008

Lewis & Clark College Website

Banner ad featured my classroom

I received my Master of Arts in Teaching from L & C in 1990.  Lewis & Clark Grad School

July 7, 2008

Ms. Bock's Website Award

Congratulations.......You have certainly worked hard on your website. I so enjoyed my visit there. Please accept my web award as congratulations for being a LEAP above the rest.


June 2008

Top Teacher Sites

July 2008

Mrs. Gold's Class Award Winner

March 2009

Teachers.Net Classroom Feature




August 2009

Lewis & Clark College Alumni Spotlight

    Alumni Spotlight




July 2010

Chosen one of two teachers from Oregon to attend the Mount Vernon Teachers' Institute. "Established in 1999, the George Washington Teachers' Institute is a highly competitive program which brings teachers to Mount Vernon, Virginia for an intensive week of study at Washington's home. Participating teachers immerse themselves in the study and discussion of this critical period of American history and the remarkable role George Washington played in the founding of our nation." 


2010 Mount Vernon Teachers' Institute Lesson Plan Winner -

Heather Renz, "George Washington's Garden"

July 2010

PopCap Games Player Profile

Using video games to promote academic success

  Profile in pdf format


November 2010

Oregon State University PreCollege Programs Article

Our Fourth Graders Visited College


June 6, 2011

Literacy Beat Article - This article features my classroom website

April 2011 

OnPoint Credit Union "Excellence in Education" Award

    Award Pictures, News Announcements and Screen Images

September 2011

One-on-One with America's Most Inspiring Teachers: Conversations on the Art of Teaching Vol. 1 by Mike Roberts

This book features ten of America's inspiring teachers.  I am honored to say that Mr. Roberts included my in his book as the Chapter 8 teacher. 


Blog Spot by Mike Roberts

September 16, 2011

Reading Today Online featured my website in their article

    Screen Image