Teaching is one of the most important professions on the planet.  Reaching all students and motivating them to become learners is what it's all about.  I created this page to help inspire and motivate teachers to reach for the sky and be the best teacher s/he can be.  Teachers are in this profession because we love children and what we do.  I love sharing ideas with others.  If I can make someone else's job easier and enrich the lives of children at the same time, that's what sharing and learning is all about.  We all need to share and support each other as we (collectively) become the best teachers our students have ever had.    -Heather Renz


Ron Clark, Disney 2000 Teacher of the Year - an inspirational teacher
bullet Visit the Ron Clark Academy
bullet Ron Clark Video On Oprah Show - fuzzy video, audio is perfect
Rafe Esquith - Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire book excerpt - inspirational teacher
Hobart Shakespeareans Website - by Rafe Esquith
The 10 Most Inspirational Real Life Teachers    page 2 - by Ranker.com  watch videos and be inspired!
One-On One With America's Most Inspirational Teachers - Blog by Mike Roberts


One-On-One with America's Most Inspirational Teachers - book by Mike Roberts

Inspirational Video for Teachers - each child matters
Teacher Quotes Video
Great Fundraising Ideas

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