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  1. Nouns Game 3

  2. Nouns Game 4

  3. Nouns Game 5

  4. Nouns Game 6

  5. Nouns Game 7

  6. Nouns Game 8

  7. "Rats" - a Nouns & Verbs Game

  8. Plural Nouns Clubhouse

  9. Noun Dunk

  10. Grammar Gorilla Nouns & Verbs Game

  11. Common & Proper Noun Game

  12. Nouns & Pronouns Quiz

  13. Play "Rats" - a Common & Proper Nouns Game

  14. The Plural Girls Game

  15. Plural Noun Game

  16. "Grammar Gold" - Proper Nouns Quiz

  17. Quiz - The Sentence & Nouns

  18. Quiz - The Sentence & Nouns 2

  19. "Clean Up Your Grammar" Game - nouns & verbs (also in Spanish!)


  1. Life on the Pronoun Reef

  2. Pronoun Poppers 1

  3. Pronoun Poppers 2

  4. Pronouns Game by Quia

  5. Nouns & Pronouns Quiz

  6. Personal Pronouns Game - BBC

  7. Pronouns Game 4

  8. Pronouns Game 5



  1. Verb Power

  2. Verbs Game 2

  3. Verbs Game 4 

  4. Verbs Game 5

  5. Verbs Game 7

  6. Verbs Game 8

  7. Grammar Gorilla Nouns & Verbs Game

  8. "Rats" - a Nouns & Verbs Game

  9. Verb Power (main verbs, helping verbs, contractions)

  10. "Clean Up Your Grammar" Game - nouns & verbs (also in Spanish!)


  1. Adjectives Game, quiz, facts by BBC

  2. Adjectives Quiz 4

  3. Adjectives Quiz 5



  1. Commas in a series game

  2. Commas Lesson, game, quiz by BBC

  3. Play Eats Shoots and Leaves Game

  4. Play "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" - a punctuation game


  1. Adverbs Quiz - BBC

  2. Adverbs Quiz - harder

  3. Adverbs & Prepositions Quiz 5


  1. Play the Capitals Game

  2. Play Capitals Game #2

  3. Play Capitals Game #3

  4. Capitals & punctuation game 3

  5. Capitals & Punctuation Game 4

  6. Capitals & Punctuation Game 5 

  7. Grasslands Capitals & Punctuation Game

  8. Rags to Riches Capitals & Punctuation Game

  9. Rags to Riches - Captials & Punctuation Game 2

  10. Play "Edit Danís Copy"  Click game 1 for capitals & Punctuation


  1. Adding Words to make Sentences - by BBC

  2. Sentence game - BBC

  3. Joining Sentences fact sheet - BBC

  4. Play Sentence Clubhouse - review sentence types

  5. The Sentence part 1

  6. The Sentence part 2

  7. Sentence Sort Game - kinds of sentences (simple, compound, complex)

  8. Play "Edit Dan's Copy"  Click game 2 for run-on sentences, quotation marks, and apostrophes.

  9. Punctuation Paintball Game - scroll down & click the game. Note:  when registration comes up, click "Maybe Later."  DO NOT REGISTER!


  1. Plural Play - a spelling game


  1. Play "Super Match"



  1. Puzzle Maker Online - create crossword puzzles online


  1. Wacky Mad Libs


  1. Play "Grammar Blast"

  2. Grammar Gorilla Game - all parts of speech game

  3. Subject & Verb Agreement Game - BBC

  4. Subject & Verb Mix Up

  5. Lots of Grammar Games organized by topic -from the UK

  6. Punctuation Campground  - add the punctuation

  7. Play Lots of Grammar Games at Grammar Bytes

  8. Go Grammar - has LOTS of links to educational activities


  1. Cumulative Review 

  2. Super Challenge Quiz on All Units


  1. Cumulative review 

  2. Super Challenge Quiz on All Units

  3. Test Your Grammar - great for ESL students also



  1. Watch a Simile & Metaphor Brain Pop Movie

  2. Schoolhouse Grammar Rock Song Lyrics



  1. Play "Short Circuit" - prefixes & suffixes game



  1. Grammar Glossary



  1. Apostrophes Game "Beat the Clock" - BBC



  1. Play "Fish 'Em Up" - when to double the consonant or change the Y

  2. Plural Play - a spelling game

  3. Fact Monster Spelling Bee  - try your luck

  4. Play "Spell Check" from Fun Brain

  5. Play "Spell-a-Roo"














bulletGiggle Poetry - lots of poetry ideas and information
bulletLearning Spanish Games - lots!
bullet Word Central - dictionary, thesaurus, more!

Poetry - learn more about poems and write poetry!

bulletLearn & Listen to Spanish Vocabulary
bullet Webster's On-Line Dictionary & Thesaurus

Rhyming Dictionary

bulletLearn French - listen to words & play games to practice your French
bullet Dictionary by Longman - with pronunciations, sentences & more
bulletLimerick Factory - practice making limericks
bulletListen & Learn to French Vocabulary
bulletVisual Thesaurus - after the page loads, click "Online Edition" on the left 
bulletSeussville - by Dr. Seuss
bulletSpanish Language Games
bullet Write an Acrostic Poem
bullet World Book Online for Kids
bullet Shel Silverstein's Site
bullet Poetry with Jack Prelutsky
bulletEncarta Online Encyclopedia
bulletMrs. Renz's Poetry Page
bullet On-line Encylcopedias - there are loads to choose from!
bullet Poetry Maker Online - very cool!
bullet Columbia Encyclopedia 
bullet On-line Almanac - by Fact Monster

How to Write a Bibliography

bulletInfo - an online almanac
bullet Statistics About Whatever You Want to Know - population, biggest, smallest, longest, tallest...and more!
bullet Glo-Bio - online Encyclopedia for science and nature topics







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bullet Storyline Online - listen to movie stars from the Screen Actors' Guild read stories to you!  Cool site!
bulletSuper Kids Vocabulary Builder - Chose a word of the day by grade level, hangman by subject, or word scrambler.
bullet Fact Monster Spelling Bee - try your luck
bullet Writing Activities - a fun site loaded with information & fun from Great Britain
bulletReading Practice Activities- a fun site loaded with information & fun from Great Britain
bulletWord Central - learn a new word, use the online dictionary
bulletPlay "Spell Check" from Fun Brain
bulletWacky Web Tales
bulletBook Worm Great Books for Kids  6-12
bulletFun Brain Vocabulary Games
bulletPlay "Spell-a-Roo"
bulletWacky Tales - practice grammar
bullet Newberry Award Winning Book List
bulletWord of the Day
bulletPlay "Word Builder"
bulletMonster Ad-Lib - create a wacky tale and practice parts of speech at the same time
bulletBook Adventure - read books & take on-line tests.  The child needs to register & get parent permission
bulletAll About Idioms - if there is a blue key next to the link you need a password, otherwise, learn away!
bulletTen Tips for Better Spelling
bulletOn-Line Reference Tools to Help You With Writing
bulletSuessville - Dr. Seuss
bulletVocabulary Games
bulletRules for Spelling Plural Nouns
bulletPlay "Power Proofreading"
bulletDr. Seuss
bulletVocabulary Games to Play
bullet Frequently Misspelled Words
bullet Cursive Handwriting Animations - watch to see how the letters are formed - cool!
bulletMeet Authors & Illustrators on the Web
bullet Practice Your Cursive Online
bulletAnother Site to Learn about Authors & Illustrators
bulletCommon & Proper Nouns Activity
bulletStory Arts Theatre - Listen to Stories on the Web
bulletAdverbs & Adjectives Game
bulletFairy Tales, Fable, and Folktales
bulletNouns & Verbs Game
bulletLemony Snicket's Book Quizzes
bulletWriting Letters
bullet Roald Dahl's Home Page
bulletPractice Adding Quotes
bullet Figurative Language - definitions and other sites
bulletUsing Commas in a Series
bullet Create & Print your Own Bookmark
bulletPlay Sentence Clubhouse - review sentence types - fun!
bullet Another Bookmark Making Site
bullet Paint by Idioms - fun
bullet Series Book Lists
bullet Play "Whomp" - a game where you create words
bullet Make a Bookmark Online
bullet Figurative Language - definitions and other sites
bullet How to Pronounce Authors' Names
bullet Play Punctuation Paintball - fun
bullet Find a Synonym or Antonym here