Life On the Rocky Shore   Virtual Field Trip to Cannon Beach - by Mrs. Renz August, 2002
How Deep Can They Go?   Virtual Field Trip:  Oceans Trailhead
Ocean Animals - lots of information for reports!   Oregon Coast Aquarium - Keiko's old home in Newport, Oregon
Oceanography -    Monterey Bay Aquarium

All About Oceans and Seas - loads of information

  Smithsonian - Ocean Planet Exhibits
Fish - From Kids Konnect   The Octopus's Garden
Dolphins - from   Neptune's Quiz
Treasures @ Sea   The Titanic's Final Resting Place
Ocean Trivia Facts   Meet Dr. Bob Ballard
Marine Life   Ocean Careers Information
Marine Invertebrates   Sea Gallery of Photos - beautiful in slide show format
Marine Mammals   Ocean Food Web Activity
Sea Links - lots