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50 States & U.S.A. Information

50 Nifty United States Song & Video

USA Map Quiz Game - learn where the 50 states are on the map   50 States Research Information - this is the most comprehensive site for locating information about each state
Play "Find the State" Game   My State Report Page - from
Fun School Games for Grades 3 & 4 - click "grades 3 & 4" then scroll down to "Where in the World Is" or "U.S. State Detective"   Learn the States - this site teaches you the name of the state if you put your mouse over it

Fun School Games for Grades 5 & 6 - click "grades 5 & 6" then scroll down to "Capitals" or "Capitals Field Trip"

  Stately Knowledge 
Play "Where In the USA?" Game   U.S.A. Geography Quiz 1
10-Question U.S.A. States Quiz   U.S.A. Geography Quiz 2
50   U.S.A. State Capitals Game - play 4 different games
Print a map of the 50 states   Capitals Match-Up Game
USA Latitude & Longitude Quiz Game   Capitals of the USA Game
Play the states game - move the puzzle pieces into the proper position - needs Macromedia Flash   Play the U.S. Capitals Game
Nmemonic Devices to Help You Learn the States and Capitals   Play the States & Capitals Game - needs Macromedia Flash
Play Geo-Net - a fun way to learn all about the regions of the U.S.A.   Play the Geo-Spy Game - FUN!  By National Geographic and learn your continents, states, provinces, and world countries
USA Web Games - fun way to learn your states    



Maps of World Countries   Statistics About Whatever You Want to Know - population, biggest, smallest, longest, tallest...and more!
Trivia Plaza World Geography Games   Play the Geo-Spy Game - FUN!  By National Geographic and learn your continents, states, provinces, and world countries
Geo-Game - continents   Play "Shocking Geography" - geography games (political, physical, and history games) which require Macromedia Shockwave
Play "Where Is That" Game   Oh!  Kids Geography Games 
Play a Countries & Capitals Game   GeoBee Challenge - take the 5-question Geography Bee quiz from National Geographic - there are new questions every day!
Weekly 5 Question Geography Quiz   World Capitals Match-Up Game - color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world -  has lots of other fun geography games
School Bell Geography Games   Play Trivia Plaza Geography games - there's lots of different games to challenge you at this site
World Mountain Encyclopedia - click a mountain range to learn more   Print Outline Maps of the USA
Countries of the World - this is an excellent site providing maps and information on many world countries   A great all-around map site!
Test Your World Geography Game   Map Machine by National Geographic - find just about any map & download or print them 
Flags of the World    Maps, Maps, Maps of All Kinds!
Rand McNally Maps & Directions    



White House for Kids    PBS Kids Democracy Page
Bill of Rights WebQuest   Take the "All American" Quiz
U.S. Mint for Kids   Presidents of the U.S. - from the White House
U.S. House of Representatives - Table of Contents to their site   Ben's Guide to U.S. Government - Branches of Government
What is a Law?   Symbols of U.S. Government
Treasury Page for Kids   U.S. Census Bureau Fact Finder Kids Corner - see the latest population estimate for the U.S. and more
Read the U.S. Constitution    



Distance Calculator - calculate the distance between two cities - gives information as the crow flies and includes latitude and longitude   Smithsonian
Lewis & Clark Interactive Game   Find a Grave  - helpful for our biography study
Zoom Explorers    Time Magazine for Kids

City Population Finder


  National Geographic Magazine for Kids
Zoom School Activities - Many!    ABC News for Kids

Fun Island


Antarctica & the Arctic

State of Alaska facts


Earth and Moon Viewer - look at the earth showing day or night regions - a really cool site!

History for Kids - from BBC Education