What exactly is a Kokanee Karnival?  It is the opportunity for students to learn about clean water, healthy watersheds and  conservation while promoting safe and responsible angling and community service.

The Kokanee Karnival program is produced and sponsored by the Central Oregon Flyfishers, Sunriver Anglers, Wolftree, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Deschutes National Forest, and many other local sponsors and volunteers. 

There are many components to the Kokanee Karnival.  Students learn about the life cycle, habitat, and food chains, stream flow, macro-invertebrates, water quality, and more.

Students also witness the miracle of Kokanee spawning up close in the rivers of Central Oregon.  Kokanee spawn in Central Oregon around the third week in September each year and the viewing is incredible!  

We raise trout eggs in the classroom and participate in the Angler Education Course. Students learn to tie knots and learn to cast and fish.  Students also dissect fish and learn about anatomy.  Another component is conducting an community service project. 

Mrs. Renz participated in this great learning experience since 1996 when the program began in Central Oregon until 2012.  It is the central theme and absolute highlight of our fourth grade year.  The volunteers who put this program on for our youth are to be thanked immensely.