Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class  Redmond, Oregon



The Wise Owl is awarded to the "Student of the Month"  who has best exhibited one or more of the following qualities:

has a positive attitude

is hard working shows improvement works to his or her potential
listens attentively helps others goes above and beyond is a good citizen
is ready to learn demonstrates leadership shows academic progress is outgoing

September:   Sara
October:  Amy
November:  Hannah
December:  Shane
January:  Elliott
February:  Emily & Emma
March:  Carson
April:  Megan
May:  Una



Here's a close-up view of the name plaque.  There is an annual name plate on each side of the octagonal base.  

Each month the name of the winner of the award is engraved on the trophy.   (Note:  Last names were erased for the website but are engraved on the trophy)

Wise Owl winners also receive a specially made certificate commemorating his or her Wise Owl Student of the Month achievement.   

Wise Owl Certificate Sample



Another Wise Owl goes traveling and is the same as the owl that is on the trophy.  The award winning student of the Month takes this home and keeps it for the month.

This owl is carefully wrapped in a plastic box and travels to and from home and school, visiting wise owl students and their families.  

wpeEA.jpg (68046 bytes)

Click to read the note 

inside the Sightseeing 

Wise Owl Box


Wise Owl Winners Vern Patrick School 2005-2006


Wise Owl Winners Vern Patrick School 2004-2005


Wise Owl Winners Vern Patrick School 2003-2004


Wise Owl Winners Vern Patrick School 2002-2003



By Mrs. Renz

The Wise Owl was donated by my father, Scott Reekie.  

The Wise Owl is made of ironwood and was handmade in Mexico.  

My father brought it back after a vacation to the Mexican village of Kino, on the Sea of Cortez.

He was educated in Scotland.  The grade school that he attended had a 

Wise Owl award which was given for the above qualities.

This award was his idea!  (Thanks, Dad!) 



Mrs. Mitchell's 5th Grade "Soaring Scholar Award"

Mrs. Gillot's 4th Grade Wise Owl Award

Mrs. Rognlie's "Top Dog of the Month"

Mrs. Metzger's "Little Dragon Award"

Mrs. Nocera's Eagle of the Week Award

Mrs. Raude's 4th Grade Gifted Class Shining Star Award

Mrs. Webb's Wise Owl Award

Mrs. Nudd's Fifth Grade Star Attraction

Mrs. Runser's Top Dog Award

Mrs. Dotson's Second Grade Panda Award

Mrs. Padgett's Fifth Grade Wise Owl Award

Mrs. Dunn's Proud Panther Award

Miss Cantillion's Fifth Grade Star Citizen Award

Mrs. Ekena's Wise Old Owl Award

Mrs. Sill's Star Citizen Award

Mrs. Fry's S.O.A.R. Award for Students Outstanding Attitude Reward (GA)

Mr. Hubbard's Super Cougar Award